Phase 1-(management under MBPJ)

The PPR flats was a depressing urban slum with many of its infrastructure in dire need of repair and many areas were deem dangerous for children and adult alike. Some of the items noted are:

  • Frequent breakdown of lifts. Every one of the 4 blocks is serviced by 3 lifts. It is not unusual to find on many days all 3 lifts are not working.
  • Metal stairs railings are missing from ground floor to fifth floor.
  • Corridor railings are rusted with some metal bars missing leaving a gap. Residents take proactive action to cover the gaps with a wooden board, raffia strings, or metal wires.
  • Many corridor lights are missing and in the night there are many dark and unsafe spots throughout the PPR flats including the lift lobby which on many occasions were in pitch darkness.
  • For many months I witness the lights in the lift were not working and there were many incidents where ladies and young girls were molested in the dark. The exhaust fan in the lift was also not working and it becomes stuffy in the lift especially if you are going onto the higher floors.
  • Rats abound because of the bad rubbish disposal at the dump site and also because residents themselves throw food out of their windows. Of recent I have heard of cases where residents are infected by sicknesses that are related to rat urine.
  • Public electricity lights in the playground have their wire exposed which is a safety risk for children.
  • Drain and man-hole covers are also missing, and the drains are deep enough to cause serious injury to both adults and children.
  • There are also drug pushers that stand around at the ground floor the whole day selling to the residents and others in the Kota Damansara neighborhood.
  • There were also glue cans at the PPR playgrounds as the whole place is dark during the night and children carry out glue-sniffing in the open area at night.
  • There were also many floors with flat units that were unusable and the doors are broken. Much vice are carried out inside these broken units.
  • The facilities in the children playground are broken and the area floods after every rainfall.
  • Sewage pipes were also broken and in one instance it took over 4 months for it to be repaired. Meantime we can see human faeces flowing out and spreading all over the floor in a public area.
  • The water from the water tanks were overflowing and the wastage of water continue for over a year before it was finally repaired. Meanwhile the residents pay for the wastage.
  • There were many stolen cars that were taken to PPR flats and stripped. This resulted in many abandoned cars in the PPR car parks.
  • The maintenance company appointed by MBPJ to manage the flats was not able to perform to ensure a livable environment for the residents.
  • The support given by MBPJ to the maintenance company was not adequate for them to do a proper job.
  • The appointed MBPJ councilor has refused to help the people in PPR. He openly refused cooperation with the AJK president of PPR. He sabotaged a dialogue organized by the NGO between MBPJ heads and PPR Residents Representatives. He instigated MBPJ not to work with our NGO. During his three year tenure the PPR flats suffered directly from his inaction while MBPJ staff was afraid to by pass him.
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