09-06-15 STAR – PJ mayor shows the wisdom, courage needed to regain residents’ confidence in system

05-06-15 Star – Good Samaritan distributes buns for the needy

07-05-15 Star – RM800,000 allocated to repair missing rails and grilles

30-04-15 STAR – Repairs to replace broken railings at PPR flats to commence soon

03-11-14 STAR – SLE Silent Thief of Health

26-07-13 Star – Gardening project at public housing flats keeps women occupied

10-11-11 STAR – Walking the trail of friendship



01-04-15 STAR – Authorities in the dark

01-04-15 STAR – ‘Irresponsible residents among major issues’

04-03-15 STAR – SELCAT Hearing on poor maintenance of PPR Kota Damansara

03-03-15 STAR – Fix maintenance issues, say residents

25-03-15 STAR – ‘New railings at flats not good enough’

04-03-15 STAR – Selangor public housing residents grapple with dangerous living conditions

03-03-15 STAR – Low-cost flats in Selangor lack basic safety amenities

02-02-15 STAR – PPR flats residents paying painful price as complaints on maintenance fall on deaf ears

02-02-15 STAR – Use bricks or metal

30-01-15 STAR – RM5mil to repair Section 8 PPR flats

30-01-15 STAR – RM1.8mil for new railings at PPR flats

30-01-15 STAR – Five-year-old fell calling out for his sister

30-01-15 STAR – Reassess safety of PPR flats

29-01-15 STAR – Emergency RM1.8mil allocation to repair rusty railings at Kota Damansara PPR flats

29-01-15 STAR – Five-year-old falls to his death from sixth floor

28-01-15 STAR – Boy falls to death from sixth floor of Kota Damansara PPR flats

26-11-14 STAR – More joint management committees to be set up in state

16-07-13 STAR – Resolve rat menace quickly

12-07-13 star – Authorities clean up PPR Kota Damansara

29-06-13 STAR – Kick the drug fiends out

27-06-13 STAR – Junkies terrorising residents of Kota Damansara flats

26-06-13 STAR – Residents want railings repaired to prevent future accidents

31-01-13 STAR – MBPJ left vacant flats in disrepair


31-01-13 STAR – Repair bills can be reimbursed






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